buffalo 12-3-2017: Going up against "you tom bradycoin"

buffalo 12-3-2017: Going up against "you tom bradycoin"

 Kitty Fund:

What ever you put into the Crypto Currency Exchanges is feeding the beast more! Governments have been selling it for the past three years. The Bankers are getting worried if this will replace the debt/credit markets. Some call it the big Bubble, & others are just plain old mad they sold it and didn't hold it! Let us begin the journey. I'm looking to get on the field of Bitcoin, but Know that I am up against the very best players in the game!

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Stephen Gostkowski



I wanna Be Your Guinea Pigcoin 

Help Educate The Crypto- Newbie ! 

JUST IN... 10-X-Card will be the next thing looking into. Bitcoin ATMS will be coming next year at full force!



  • Hidden Action Figure Supply-Line
  • Business Service of finding lost toys
  • Just in... 12/7/17----  1 Bitcoin value @7:51PM Roc-Time: 17,575.00
  • 1 Ethereum: $425.95
  • 1 Litecoin: $98.11