January 17, 2018: I went hunting for figures with a gas tank on E. I was driving in H-Town(Henrietta) this afternoon and I went to the triangle of retail stores.

Action Figures Never Sleep...

I was trying to set up my Roku account on this cold evening In Brighton. Only to get frustrated on the last step. I needed to activate the remote to get me some Free Showtime. All we'll maybe I will try again after this quick memo. Never give up on a idea that you think will bring you 20% more happiness every single day. I am not talking about a nice cold adult beverage or a funny cigarette. I have a small collection and I am trying to unload it all for that One Plan ticket on the 504 Flight to S.F. My journey begins and I will tell you when I get the Plane Ticket in hands. I will be bring my two favorite 1984 WWF guys with me!

P.S. Do you want to know the true value of a Action Figure off a sales report? Or Do you need a little more action in your life? Make The Figures Real!


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