Happy Labor Day Weekend!

IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE PONIES, THEN HAVE A NICE LIFE! If you like to gamble and enjoy yelling at the t.v. and holding you breath when a jockey falls off a horse during a race. Stay Tune! My name is Pete Gilman and I want to be a Horse Whisperer in real life! I want to travel to six or at least a dozen tracks a year and join in the excitement of horse racing. The lottery is fixed by huge corporations and that's my opinion! Last time I checked, no Lottery cost only 0.20 Cents to make retirement Freedom happen in one race day!

I love the ponies and they love me back at times! Every hobby has its drawbacks, but it keeps you focused on the prize in life. Happiness to do it all over again the next day. Saratoga track was taken from me in 2013! Everyday I go into On Track Banking to regain my true House just outside the track/hotel/heaven building creation.

Enjoy your weekend before the routine of fall comes knocking your sleeping in mode!

Race To Paradise,

Pete Gilman