Save 4 Black Friday & Pony Freedom

I want the Playstation 4 and my son needs a new t.v. to watch his pbs channel 1-2-7-7. Plus, new swimsuit for winter trip of 2019!

Want are some of your needs for the upcoming holiday shopping event?

It takes courage to listen to your friends honest advice and don’t worry you can tell him some street credit stuff. Like, get some plates so we don’t eat off our hands. Remember, you can always get a call up in life. Just make sure to take all your true homies with you or meet up!

I saved $2.00 by starting my Halloween candy shopping today! Four small Snickers bite sizes helped me complete my workout this afternoon.

Learned more Pony wisdom today! Always check the results the day of the event. There is no tomarrow for today’s winner circle!

Pete Sake