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Make Sporting Events stay great. Allow Sports investing in all venues. Not just in 4 places. Make your tailgate Great… Make your seats amazing…. Learn to budget to get a suite someday soon.


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Lets tailgate together in Buffalo. The New Era field  has plenty of great sports fans. Canada people bring the trunk juice and you must stay away!

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Stay at home and due all the chores you put off all week or Come to your local sports Stadium. Invest your time, $$, & new stories with friends.

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Week 7

Miami 41 u-10

Vs Buffalo 15.5-10

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Budget 2 win… If you plan a trip your 100% more likely to go. Set aside a stack of money 12 months. Each Month (12) or Week(52) enjoy your own adventures…

Logic In Pittsburgh,Pa 11-7-2019 Where’s the After Party at?


Tour is so fun

— Logic

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Join in a Budget Network Event… Party on… Buffalo Mafia-Tailgate Parties, AEW, Buffalo Sabres, LOGIC, UFC, Athleticapexpenfield, Amerkshockey.