Ganster Cuomo Meets Don 1-18-17

I just got into the 49,000,000,000 last deal before Trump Empire takes over! On my 1st coffee break today, I went over to the best Money House in Rochester,NY. Fidelity & I had some coffee and I went in for 15 shares of Reynolds American INC.(RAI). Only for a small price of $877.00. The New York Tax on a pack of Camel Lights this evening will run you up to $10.35 (Mr. Cuomo gets $4.35 each pack of 20 Cigarettes sold in the state) With only a couple days left until the Corporate America gets it's Winner Mr. Trump. Let the auction of each state go to the highest bidder. Rochester needs a realist & I hope the new Mayor will get the job done. If you smoke in Rochester please cut back & save your $$$. $9.70 Minimum wage goes into affect this month and just remember one hour worth of pay can't buy you a pack of smokes in Upstate! Watch the movie Inside Job (2010) Live Your Life & know bad guys get $30,000,000 Bonus for a terrible job.